Reverend Mark E. Frady

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Reverend Mark E Frady

Services & Specialties

I think that you will find my services to be a lot different than most ministers. Included are any of the following that you wish to include: all introductory meetings, a five to six week pre-married class, a pre-rehearsal meeting with you and your fiancé, my running your rehearsal (based on your instructions, and the presence or absence of a “coordinator”), my presiding over the ceremony (with prior input from the two of you), a framed souvenir copy of your marriage license (in calligraphy), a book-like copy of your ceremony, and possibly most important, free marriage counseling for life. I check in with you every year on the anniversary of your wedding, and see how you are doing … if you need me to meet with the two of you, I am available. So, you are not just getting the best minister in the whole world (possibly an exaggeration) but you are enlisting the help of someone who cares about you and about your future as a couple. I like for a special bond to develop between the three of us, and to be there for you when you need me … not just to show up on the day of your wedding, and then drive off and leave you to the whims of your environment, be it good or bad.

I think it is important to meet with a couple to get to know them and for them to get to know me, before we ever sign a contract. At that initial meeting, I begin to get a feel for what kind of ceremony you will want. If you decide to invite me to perform your ceremony, I go back and write your ceremony. I email you a copy and you are allowed to make any changes that you would like. I personally like to blend seriousness, spirituality and humor, but it is your ceremony, so you are the final judges as to how it should be conducted.